CEO message

JUVENUI is a specialized medical manufacturing company pursuing cozy life without human suffering.
We are constantly striving for spine health and painless body forward to launch various products for the prevention.

Often, the center of the body is called the spine. It is said that only when the spine is straight does the body stand upright.
In cooperation with Seoul's leading medical institution,
Seoul Asan Hospital, we aim to contribute to human spine health by introducing new technologies and developing new procedures for spinal care.
So we launched Spine medical devices. It is the world's first epidural balloon catheter.

We are constantly striving for the health of our spine without having to settle for it.
We will launch various products aimed at preventing, strengthening, improving and treating spinal health.
There is JUVENUI in the first technologies and devices we create and are recognized by the world.
All employees of JUVENUI will do their best for the painless and comfortable life of humankind.